East Area Gateway Project (East Area Two)

The East Gateway Project would implement the City’s plans for the East Area 2 Planning Area as set forth in the Santa Paula General Plan. It would also fulfill Condition No. 22 of Ventura County Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCo”) Resolution No. 10-12 (adopted March 16, 2011) approving the East Area 1 reorganization (“East Area 1 Project”). As proposed, the East Gateway Project involves a series of related actions including jurisdictional reorganization (annexation); a General Plan Amendment (to the Land Use Element); pre-zoning and adoption of a Specific Plan for a portion of the project area.

All projects within the State of California are required to undergo environmental review to analyze the environmental impacts associated with implementation of the project in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). An environmental impact report (EIR) provides information to assist a lead agency when making decisions on a project, but does not control the lead agency’s exercise of discretion.

The East Gateway Project is located in Ventura County on the eastern edge of the City of Santa Paula. The Project is located along State Route 126. The East Gateway Project is within the East Area 2 Planning Area as designated by the Santa Paula General Plan on the eastern edge of the City of Santa Paula, and consists of approximately 94.5 acres of land. The 36.4–acre East Gateway Specific Plan portion of the Project area includes a parcel (to be annexed) just outside of the eastern limit of the City’s current boundary and three adjacent vacant parcels already within the City.

EIR focused on those environmental impact categories identified by the City as having potentially significant impacts during the notice of preparation, and public review period for the initial study. Potential significant environmental effects as determined in the initial study and analyzed in the EIR include: Aesthetics, Agricultural Resources, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Geology/Soils, Greenhouse Gas, Hazards/Hazardous Materials, Hydrology, water Supply and Water Quality, Land Use, Noise, Transportation/Traffic, and Utilities & Service Systems. Of these, Agricultural Resources and Transportation/Traffic may have significant and unavoidable effects.



East Area 2 Annexation Project Information
The City held a public hearing January 22, 2013, the project and requested annexation-East Area 2, including the East Gateway and East Gateway Specific Plan were approved. On May 15, 2013, LAFCO approved the City's request for annexation and August 2013, the annexation was recorded.


East Gateway Project (East Area 2) Specific Plan


East Gateway Project (East Area 2) Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

East Gateway Project NOA
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Project Description
3.0 Environmental Setting
4.0 Cumulative Scenario
5.0 Considerations and Discussion of Environmental Impacts
5.1 Aesthetics
5.2 Agricultural Resources
5.3 Air Quality
5.4 Biological Resources
5.5 Cultural Resources
5.6 Geology/Soils
5.7 Greenhouse Gas
5.8 Hazards & Hazardous Materials
5.9 Hydrology/Water Quality
5.10 Land Use/Planning
5.11 Noise
5.12 Public Services
5.13 Transportation/Traffic
5.14 Utilities/Services Systems
5.15 Effects Found Not to be Significant
6.0 Alternatives
7.0 Consideration and Discussion of Significant Impacts
7.1 Significant Environmental Effects That Cannot Be Avoided if the Proposed Project is Implemented
7.2 Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes Caused by the Proposed Project Should It Be Implemented
8.0 Growth-Inducing Impacts
9.0 Organizations and Persons Consulted
10.0 References

Appendix 1a East Area 2 Annexation Project NOP
Appendix 1b Responses to the NOP
Appendix 2a East Gateway Project Development Standards
Appendix 2b City of Santa Paula Wastewater System Master Plan
Appendix 2c 2005 City of Santa Paula Potable Water System Master Plan Amendment
Appendix 5.3 Air Quality Modeling
Appendix 5.4a Fish Survey
Appendix 5.4b Haun Creek – Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Least Bell’s Vireo Focused Surveys
Appendix 5.4c California Natural Diversity Database/California Native Plant Society Lists
Appendix 5.5a Archaeological Records Search
Appendix 5.5b CEQA Historic Resources Report
Appendix 5.5c Phase I Archaeological Survey
Appendix 5.6 Geologic and Geotechnical Study
Appendix 5.7 GHG Emissions Models
Appendix 5.8 EDR Radius Map Report
Appendix 5.9a Jensen Design & Survey Letter
Appendix 5.9b East Gateway Project Area Drainage Study
Appendix 5.9c Santa Paula Creek Hydraulic Modeling Review
Appendix 5.10a Fiscal Impact Analysis
Appendix 5.10b Retail Market Analysis
Appendix 5.11 Noise Modeling
Appendix 5.13a Transportation Analysis Report
Appendix 5.13b Traffic Analysis of Hallock Drive Corridor
Appendix 5.14 Water Supply Assessment
Appendix 6.0 Real Estate Requirements



Updated: December 2014

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