Tuesday, November 01, 2005


MacKinnon New Santa Paula Police Chief

Here is the text of the press release to be issued later this afternoon
regarding our new Police Chief Steve MacKinnon. He is a great guy and
Santa Paula is lucky to get him:


Stephen MacKinnon has been appointed Chief of Police of the City of
Santa Paula, City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz announced today. MacKinnon,
a twenty-six year law enforcement veteran, will begin his duties
November 16, 2005.

"Steve MacKinnon brings to Santa Paula a passion for working with
communities and a high standard for ethics and integrity in law
enforcement. Steve is an innovator who has a track record of searching
for new and creative ways to deliver the best police services possible.
He is one of those people who search out the best way to address issues,
not just the easiest way. Steve will be an asset to Santa Paula and
will provide excellent leadership as he joins an outstanding team of
police officers serving our community," Bobkiewicz said. A priority for
the new Chief will be the continued implementation of a management audit
conducted of the Police Department early last year.

MacKinnon, 50, has served as Chief of Police in Avondale, Arizona;
Salem, New Hampshire; and Exeter, New Hampshire. For the last eighteen
months, MacKinnon has served with the United Nations International
Policing Task Force in Kosovo and Haiti. MacKinnon has a Master's
Degree in Public Administration from City University, a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and is a
graduate of the National FBI Academy.

Bobkiewicz conducted a national search for Police Chief. The final four
candidates were interviewed in late September by a three-panel
assessment team made up of Santa Paula Police Department employees,
members of the Santa Paula community, and Chiefs of Police from
surrounding communities. These panels made recommendations to
Bobkiewicz on the candidates before he made his appointment of

MacKinnon's salary will be $100,112 per year.

Sounds like he has great qualifications. But, what happened to the community's input of the new chief being "representative of the community"?
To the last post made, Please read the information listed below. I cut it from the original text of the article. When you're done reading it, tell me what part you don't understand that the community board made this recommendation to the city manager. I could make a genreal assumption that you don't like him because he is not...well i will just leave that alone.

"The final four candidates were interviewed in late September by a three-panel assessment team made up of Santa Paula Police Department employees, members of the Santa Paula community, and Chiefs of Police from
surrounding communities. These panels made recommendations to
Bobkiewicz on the candidates before he made his appointment of
Not only that, several months ago there was a special meeting held at the Depot for the entire city to attend so they could give input on what they would like in a Police Chief. The community was given more than one opportunity. Welcome to Santa Paula!
It wil be interesting to see how long this guy lasts...
I guess the community will be split on this one. What part of "representative of the community don't you understand?"

I agree with the first post.
Was President Lincoln represent-
ative of 'The United States Of
America'? Did that make him less
of a leader?
What do you mean when you refer to "Representative of the community?" Do you mean race? Do you mean he did't live here? Please tell me. If it has to do with race then it is my opinion that you are small minded and racist. If you mean because he did not live here then I again disagree. Some of the hardest working police officers are the one THAT ARE NOT FROM TOWN. Please do expalin yourself.
Worked for Stephen "skippy" MacKinnon in Salem, NH. All I can say is... HAHAHA to you poor souls who will work for him. He was run out of Salem. The folks who did the backround check on him for you should be taken out back and beaten. While you are at it, call Kissimmee, FL PD and ask why they didn't hire him?

Go to "eagletribune.com" and search his name, and learn...

Watch and enjoy as his "5 year plan" introduces about 5,000 new "GO"'s (General Orders).

I wonder if you folks will love him this much on the way out? I give it 2 years tops before you realize what a mistake you made. Print this out and save it. You will see.

There is a reason he leaves everywhere he goes.

I won't say too much. You will all see it for yourself.

Better you than me!!

Best of luck to you...
I was wondering why he's been bouncing around. How long will he stay here? I hope we're not going
to be sorry. Just a question re: the diologue about the new chief appointment. We're any of the finalists Hispanic, Bi-lingual, and near as qualified as the selected person?
In reference to the last post, There was not a "hispanic" that interviewed. One of the applicants was bi-lingual however his qualifications in my opinion were questionable. Chief MacKinnon was selected by all three groups (Yes there were hispanics in each of the groups). Lets give this Chief a chance. He may or may not do a good job but atleast give the guy a clean slate to work with.
Yeah, I urge folks to think about it. The new chief has held multiple police executive jobs in his career. Not every problem within an organization can be solved with LOTS of general orders. From personal experience I can tell you that police officers function better with higher morale if they perceive that their leaders demonstrate genuine concern for the officer's well-being and are understanding of the pressures and stresses that the street police officer faces every day. "Revolving door" chiefs are not a good idea. Trust me, as I speak from some experience.
Anonymous 4:33 AM speaks the truth.
And "the truth" is subjective.
So you might as well wait for
the jury to be called back in
to make your final judgement.
Give it a rest until then.
Support vs. Critiscism,who will
I have worked for Chief MacKinnon before as well, and it was my experience that he was an "officer's Chief". Morale should improve as the officer's get to know him.
Good luck to you folks in Santa Paula. You have a winner. (Job Jumper) I wonder if the back ground investigator called Exeter or Salem, NH. They might have gotten some insight. Apparently you folks can absorb training officers. You will see a turn over soon. Lambor66@MSN.Com
First off, for you out-of-staters, CA apparently has higher standards than you. Our background physically visited all the places the Chief worked in and talked to people. He got high marks is my understanding.

Second, I counted them, SPPD has 179 policies on the books (not including the ones that were adopted but never given out). And all of them were done in the 80's. So why do you have problems with policies. The Chief has mentioned accredtaion - I am not real sure how it works but it sounds like the way to go to be professional.

Third, I googled Salem rather than googling the Chief. You don't have much to be proud of since he left. We are concerned about how long he may stay here, but already we are stronger here and look forward to what we all are going to do with him here.
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