2019 Water & Sewer Rate Study

2019 Water & Sewer Rate Study & Prop 218 Process

The City of Santa Paula (City or Utility) provides domestic water service to more than 7,400 accounts and is responsible for the collection and treatment of sewage generated by the City. The City also owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant, which began its operations in 2010.

The City conducted rate analysis in 2014 and 2016 to re-evaluate its water and sewer rates for a number of reasons; however, no action was taken in response to earlier studies. Difficult decisions will be needed regarding funding of capital improvement projects and the level of rate increases. The ultimate goal for City Council is to develop updated rates based before the end of 2019 on the City’s broader rate-related goals and objectives, and present these alternatives to the public, including meeting key financial parameters as well as the following objectives:


  • Proposing utility rates to fund all anticipated operating and maintenance costs.
  • Funding necessary capital improvement projects.
  • Maintaining adequate reserve funds for the Utility.
  • Developing rate increases that will maintain necessary funding levels for the next five years.
  • Complying with certain legal requirements


August 21, 2019

Presentation from staff to have City Council discuss and consider the 2019 Santa Paula Water and Sewer Rate Study Report, select alternatives to the water and sewer rates for the September 4, 2019 public hearing and approve an Amendment No. 2 for the Professional Services Agreement with NBS in an Amount Not to Exceed $42,360 for Professional Consulting Services.


August 5, 2019:

Staff presented the water and sewer rate study to the community in a workshop setting and answered questions and concerns.


July 17, 2019:

Staff presented the water/sewer rate alternatives and allowed City Council to provide direction to staff on how to proceed with the rate adjustment process.



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