Ojai Road Lane Closures


Project Description:
The Phillips 66 Company pipeline maintenance activities for the identified out-of-service pipeline sections involves several activities. Each procedure executed is designed to ensure all potential pipeline hazards have been eliminated. Over the past 10 years Phillips 66 Company with the assistance of AECOM has performed similar pipeline maintenance activities on over 500 miles of out-of-service pipelines throughout California.

The planned pipeline activities will include:

  • Locating and exposing the pipeline at distinct work locations (6 City of Santa Paula);
  • Pipeline tapping and evacuation of fluids;
  • Pipeline integrity testing;
  • Cleaning the pipeline interior to remove any residual fluids;
  • Purge the pipeline segments of with nitrogen; and
  • Backfill the excavation with cement slurry and restore to previous condition.

Project History:

  • The pipelines were used to transport crude oil from the Ojai Oil Facility to the City of Santa Paula.
  • The pipeline was installed 1946 by Union Oil Company.
  • In 1969 several sections of the pipelines were removed and not replaced, the remaining sections of unused pipeline still run adjacent SR150.
  • The 3-inch pipeline carried crude oil from the Ojai Oil fields to Santa Paula whereas the 2-inch pipeline carried water.
  • Previous pipeline removals during a Caltrans road improvement project in 2016 and 2017 indicate that the 3-inch pipeline was flushed with water at some point since water was found in each removed section.



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