Fire Annexation

The City of Santa Paula is considering the annexation of the City into the Fire District for provision of fire suppression services, rescue services, emergency medical services (EMS) and other related services by the Fire District. Annexation into the Fire District will allow the City to take advantage of the substantial

economies of scale available from having the Fire District provide such services throughout the areas in and surrounding the City, including from existing Fire District stations and personnel located both nearby and throughout the County. In addition, the Fire District has mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire protection entities that are contractually obligated to assist the Fire District in fighting fires within its boundaries, which will include the City if the annexation is completed.


Annexation of the City into the Fire District will result in the assumption of all fire, rescue, and EMS services by the Fire District for the City. Following execution of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with

the Fire District and County, regarding personnel (employees), property (fire stations and vehicles, etc.), insurance and retirement costs (e.g., workers’ compensation claims coverage and pension costs), and any other related issues, the City will have no further funding obligations for the provision of fire prevention and suppression, rescues, EMS, and other public services to be delivered by the Fire District within the City once the annexation has been completed. The proposed starting date for delivery of services by the Fire District to the City, should the annexation be timely completed, is expected around July 1, 2018.





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